Young Engineering Services (YES) formed in 1998 out of a transition from Cal West Engineering. YES has been providing Structural Design, Civil Engineering, and Building and Safety Municipal services to southern California clients for approximately thirty years. Our office is located at 77-682 Country Club Dr. Ste. B Palm Desert, California 92211. We are licensed to supply services in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Hawaii, and British Columbia.

We offer a full scope of construction services, with a specialty in Structural Engineering. Our organization has experience in a broad range of structures ranging from steel silos, bridges, and drainage structures to complicated commercial and custom residential buildings. We provide designs of structures from small remodels to large casinos and multi-story hotels. Over the years we have become a primary choice for innovative architects specializing in unique, complex forms. Our innovations have developed in response to these very creative thinkers.

Our staff consists of fully qualified Civil and Structural Engineers. Our engineers are versed in the efficient utilization of all structural materials. We utilize several industry accepted software programs as well as in-house developed software to provide optimized designs. We are devoted to in-house efficiency and discovering ways to save our clients’ money. 

Our business approach hinges on providing prompt, innovative services. Our goal is to structure a project with consideration of initial budgets balanced with long term sustainability.

We continually clarify and streamline our plans and do away with redundancy, resulting in easy to follow structural plans. This is the key to a cost effective design.  We are innovative in the use of structural materials and creative detailing. This involves a commitment to examine new techniques for the benefit of the customer.
We bring value to our client’s project by offering a comprehensive bundle of service. We bring value to our customers in the following ways:


Value Engineering

We work hard to eliminate excessive use of materials and trades from your project. When we eliminate and utilize materials in the most effective way possible, we add significant dollar value to your project. We select efficient framing, foundation and lateral systems for the structure. Our goal is to make the complex simple.


Efficient Communication

We pride ourselves on being effective communicators. We continuously keep lines of communication open with our clients and architects throughout the project. We meet with our clients to understand their needs and desires for a successful project, and build these into our services in order to fully meet our clients’ expectations.


Standard Of Care

Good technical service is not enough to win over and keep today’s developers and contractors satisfied. This is why we continually improve our service to provide information that our competition does not or will not offer. We routinely give more geometric information than the competition such as beam heights, slab depressions, and accurate drafting of steel locations.  While dimensioning is the responsibility of the architect, we strive to draw structure accurately to facilitate the trades that will work from our drawings. This information provides value to our clients by reducing field supervision time and by making fabricator’s shop drawings easier to produce. We place a high value on accurate detailing. Other engineers provide generic detailing leading to ambiguity.  Our detailing reflects the actual setting up conditions which offer maximum value.



We realize the fast paced nature of the construction industry. Our staff is resourceful, responsive and reliable. We give priority to shop drawing review, plan check responses, and resolving field issues.


Efficient Agency Interaction

Over the years, our firm has provided building review services to several municipalities. This experience has had a tremendous payoff for our clients. Our goal is to get through the plan review process as quickly as possible with minimum corrections by producing plans that are easy to review. Very few of our competitors can claim this experience.